Honorary Texan

Little Texas owner Takeshi Yoshino and his wife Natsuco Grace Yoshino (founder of country dance team called "Dancin' Texas") received "Honorary Texan" from the govener of Texas in 2011.
Honorary Texan Ceremony Honorary Texan presentation by American Embassy's Mr. Matt and Ms. Suzanne during the Little Texas's 6th anniversary party on 26th June 2011.
This is a video of the moment.
Honorary Texan Ceremony Natsuco Grace Yoshino (Left) and Takeshi Yoshino (Right).
Honorary Texan Ceremony Commemorative photo with American Embassy's staff.
Honorary Texan Ceremony First dance as "Honorary Texan".
Honorary Texan Ceremony Photo with Dancin' Texas members.
Honorary Texan Ceremony Certificate of Honorary Texan.
Little Texas Party Cheers !
The Country Fairground The Country Fairground played hot country songs.
Honorary Texan Ceremony Takeshi and Grace with certificate.

Special thanks to, Suzanne, Matt, John, Chuck, The State of Texas, Customers of Little Texas, Singers & musicians of Little Texas, Dancin' Texas members, Funky Cowboys & Cowgirls, Dave Kuboi, Friends of all over Japan and USA.

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